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The first step in the construction process is excavation. Excavators are essential for site preparation, like clearing and levelling the land for new construction, and moving dirt around, such as digging for new swimming pool installation.

No matter what excavation project you need help with, Next Day Excavating of Delmarva can help. We offer professional commercial and residential demolition services, along with expert excavation. Take a look at what we can do for you:

Services Offered

Site Development
Home Foundations
Pool Excavating
Site Utilities

Del Marva Excavating

Concrete Driveways & Patios: The concrete needs a dirt pad before pouring begins. We can also take care of the grading needed to level the ground.

Waterproofing Basements: Basements need to be waterproofed, so the structure itself remains sturdy. Great care should be taken to waterproof your basement, since it is where many people store their memories.

House Foundations & Basements: New construction is the most common work for most excavators. Foundations, crawl spaces, and basements for new construction sites are a regular project for excavation companies.

Erosion Control & Landscape: As time passes, your yard can be slowly slipping away due to erosion. Water can wash ruts and valleys in your yard if you don’t have erosion control in place. Next Day Excavating can keep your yard looking its best with land levelling services. We can help you get your property ready for a garden, landscaping, or whatever you desire.

Excavating Rock: Boulders and large rocks can cause an obstacle when you are clearing land. Our professional excavation crew can blast them down into smaller pieces that are easier to handle. That way, the rocks can be hauled off, so land preparation can continue.

Environmental Clearing: Dry, dead shrubs and trees on your property can create a fire hazard. By clearing the trees and shrubs that surround your home, a fire break is created, providing protection for your family.

Digging for Installation of Plumbing & Septic Systems: New homes require new plumbing and sewage lines. Trenching is needed for the underground pipes. At Next Day Excavating, we have the machinery and skilled technicians to safely get the job done.

Excavating for a New Swimming Pool: When you are ready to build the swimming pool of your dreams, let us take care of it for you. No matter what kind of terrain your property sits on, we can dig through it.

When you need excavating services in Delmarva, turn to the excavating specialists at Next Day Excavating. We will work with you to find an affordable option.

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So happy we chose Next Day Excavating

We are so happy we chose Next Day Excavating for our utilities project.  The work was well done and we highly recommend!

Ron W

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